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Signature High-Top "VODKA" White (8" Heel)

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8" White Ankle Boot

Matte faux leather outer gives major footwork mobility and just the right amount of grip for pole work and slip and grip for floorwork. Rotate your foot, bend and point through the ankle, squat comfortably in these heels, straight out of the box.

Velcro strap allows you to secure the fit as well as adds major design detail to this must have boot.

White laces up the front with, white zip side closure.

After Client Feedback + Reworks to Our Design: We have made updates that are sure to satisfy every dancer. 

  1. Toe Box/Platform -  A higher toe arc (outsole) has been added for better pointework, spins, heel glides and edgework. The actual platform has been narrowed for a sleeker look and lighter weight.
  2. Rubber Sole - Has been contoured to blend seamlessly into the platform of the shoe.
  3. Heel Height / Steepness - Heel and platform heights have been slightly raised, and the steepness (from heel to toe) moderately reduced to provide hours of comfort for the wearer. These shoes are comfy!
  4. Toe -The toes have been reinforced to protect both the dancer's toes and the shoe itself from high impact drops and kips. Prevents dents at the front of the shoe.
  5. Fit -Fit has been adjusted to fit more true to size and to improve comfort for dancers wearing the heels for long hours.
  6. Padded Insole - Padding has been increased for longevity and comfort.
  7. Wear Resistance - Our glues and upper to platform attachement points have been updated to provide a secure and stable shoe that will hold up to even the most hardstyle dancer. While normal wear and tear is innevitable we work to select outer fabrics + inner linings that together will creating a longer lasting shoe, without giving up comfort and ankle mobility

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