Lauren Lukrich
Owner of Kiska
  • Sun Mar 19, 2023
  • 06:15 PM (60 mins)
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Foundational base for Russian Exotic. Work through transitions, floor to pole movements, grip changes, legwork, spins, trick accents and conditioning for the style. Train in heels, strengthen muscles and holds, combine elements and execute progressions. 

A short choreography combo is taught without music so there is no need or struggle to “keep up.” Moves are demonstrated on both sides giving students a chance to build coordination and control over every skill and learn proper execution. Develop and refine skills to make Russian Exotic routines feel strong, safe, intentional and effortless.

Prerequisites: No experience required.

What to Wear?

Knee Pads should be worn to class. Exotic Fit Style requires dancers to kneel, rotate, move through and kip to the knees. Please take this extra precaution to avoid long term injury to your knees and help avoid bursitis. We highly recommend KISKA velcro knee pads as these are quick and easy to put on without taking off your heels. 

Heels are required and necessary to the movements and an over all workout technique of plastics. For the most success in class we recommend wearing “strips” (8 inch platform heels) to be able to properly maneuver over and around the toe box of the shoe during pointework and transitions.

Skin Exposure As a general rule, look at what skin your instructor has exposed and consider you may need to grip with these body parts during class. Level 1: Armpits should be exposed to grip the pole. Leggings are ok, however thigh high socks are preferred as some Level 1 combos may require thigh or leg grip.