PLASTIC (Level 2-3) Tricks + Transitions / Combos

Lauren Lukrich
Owner of Kiska
  • Mon Mar 27, 2023
  • 07:45 PM (60 mins)
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FLOORWORK CLASS: Varies between skills, combos, and choreography.

TRICKS + TRANSITIONS: Spins, legwork, body rolls, transitions, flexibility and fundamentals of the dance style. Acrobatic tricks such as headstands, shoulderstands, fishflop variations, etc.

COMBOS: Work through short combinations of tricks, transitions, dance, etc.

CHOREOGRAPHY: Be prepared to learn a complete routine in this class. Choreography focuses on the technique and flow of Plastic Strip. Work on both hard and flow styles, combine legwork, transitions, spins and acrobatic floorwork moves.  

Required Moves: Half wheel up and down, forearm head stand, pike with straight back and exotic pikes, shoulder stand, shoulder roll, push ups on knees, bridge to hip hold, body rolls, 45's, leg lifts, crab position legwork, toe-knee under passes.