ELEMENTS (Level 4)

Lauren Lukrich
Owner of Kiska
  • Tue Jan 24, 2023
  • 07:00 PM (75 mins)
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Focus on “Static Pole” which is the predominant pole mode used for Russian Exotic style dance and training. Learn new exotic tricks, transitions, combinations, power moves, floor to pole elements, conditioning techniques, and break down movements that will be later used in Russian Exotic choreography classes.

This is your chance to get stronger in your elements and to be guided through proper form and technique. This will make moves you have been struggling with easier and help achieve moves you have been dreaming of getting.


Example of skills worked on: Handspring variations and combos, dead lifting (floating), phoenixes, advanced handstand combos, flips, kips, power spins, advanced combos building momentum and using cast offs, deadlift strength movements for exotic and beyond.

Prerequisites: Elements (Level 3) - Aerial shoulder mount to brass monkey to flag dismount, iguana, devils point shuffle, floor handspring pop up, handsprings, one armed handstand press to meathook, princess grip and cup grip shoulder mounts holds, deadlifts and flips, reverse backhand spin. Everything on both sides.

THIS CLASS IS VERY SHOULDER HEAVY. If you haven’t trained in Russian exotic elements or with Kiska it is recommended to level down for your first classes at Kiska.