EXOTIC (Level 2)

Lauren Lukrich
Owner of Kiska
  • Mon Jul 04, 2022
  • 05:45 PM (60 mins)
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Be prepared to learn a complete routine in this class. Choreography is taught at a pace that gives students a focus on musicality, timing, and adding new challenging transitions and tricks into their flow. Exotic 2 will introduce inversions as accents, floor to pole combos, floorwork holds, tricks and floor acro moves from Elements 2 and Plastic 2.

Who can Attend? All levels welcome to attend. Choreo is taught at a steady pace to get through as much of the routine as possible. Fresh transitions and combos are introduced in each class.

Prerequisites: Exotic Basics (Level 1)

What to Wear?

Knee Pads should be worn to class. Exotic Fit Style requires dancers to kneel, rotate, move through and kip to the knees. Please take this extra precaution to avoid long term injury to your knees and help avoid bursitis. We highly recommend KISKA velcro knee pads as these are quick and easy to put on without taking off your heels. 

Heels are required and necessary to the movements and an over all workout technique of plastics. For the most success in class we recommend wearing “strips” (8 inch platform heels) to be able to properly maneuver over and around the toe box of the shoe during pointework and transitions.

Skin Exposure As a general rule, look at what skin your instructor has exposed and consider you may need to grip with these body parts during class. Level 2-3: Armpits, shoulders, stomach, knee pits and upper thighs should be exposed to help grip the pole during intermediate elements and transitions. Please DO NOT wear leggings.